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FX All Inclusive. Designed for ease in pricing, no additional commission based on volume in transactions, more consistency in spread width, etc.

We offer FX Vanilla Options in 40 currency pairs, including Gold and Silver. In addition, both our FX Vanilla and Touch FX options are fully customizable.

With over 7,000 different bonds from 26 countries and 21 different currencies to choose from, you have a true multiregional selection to choose from.

With more than 200 contracts covering 22 global exchanges, you have access to broad and relevant market coverage from around the world – including the CME Group, Eurex and Euronext.

 We offer some of the most liquid contract options in a fascinating range of asset categories, from metals and energy commodities to interest rates and currencies.

Our range consists of more than 9,000 CFDs that include Individual Stocks, Stock Indices and Commodities – allowing you to apply your knowledge in the most relevant assets and markets.

Easily access 19,000 global shares in 36 of the global stock markets. Choose stocks from the US, Europe and Asia to create your ideal portfolio.

Trade 3,101 ETF and ETC in 36 stock exchanges around the world in the same way you trade shares.

Use stock options to secure your capital gains, protect your portfolio in declining markets and exercise volatility around profits.

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